Wajdi Ben Rabah


Wajdi Ben Rabah

Co-founder and developer at ComodoFrame

ComodoFrame is a startup launched by some friends and myself.

Its main speciality is mobile HD live wallpapers and 2D/3D games.

I created a plugin to transform Unity3D scenes to live wallpapers. Thanks to it, we was able to create more than 40 android app.

ComodoFrame is suspended now, but i 've planned to launch another personal developer account for all of my creations. More about ComodoFrame here.

  • Client: Orange
  • Type: Mobile & Web Development
  • Completed on: 2014
  • Created by: Wajdi Ben Rabah
  • Skills:
    • Programming language : Java(Android), JavaScript, C#.
    • 3D Modelisation and 2D design : Maya3D, Adobe Photoshop.
    • Augmented reality : Vuforia.
    • IDE : Eclipse, Unity3D.